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Management teachers play a vital role in nurturing proficient future managers in business and non-business organizations. Hence it is essential for management teachers to have an in-depth knowledge of general management principles, latest research and industrial developments, practical understanding of necessary pedagogical techniques and research skills.

Against this backdrop, the Faculty Development Programme (FDP) at SBS endeavors to add to the professional development of management professionals and academicians presently working in various management institutions and business schools across India.

SBS FDP programme includes various modules that provide training on core general management principles, pedagogical techniques (including case method), cutting-edge research methods and latest developments in specialized areas. The programme employs mix method approach and includes classrooms session (lectures, case analysis, small group exercises, simulations, management games, and presentations), workshops and seminars. Usually, the participant take away more than just a class-room related experience as he/she enjoy learning environment of the SBS campus, access to the library resources, and interact with bright students and faculty colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

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